Cigar Smoking Is Healthy!


As is already pretty obvious, I am an avid cigar smoker. I like to smoke while I play golf, cook dinner on the grill, sit around a campfire, or just relax out on the back porch on a beautiful evening. As much as I enjoy, my girlfriend hates it. I get a lot of flack from her and other haters about the “healthiness” of cigar smoking.

I make the case that cigar smoking is not nearly as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes because you don’t inhale the cigar smoke. If you do inhale, I’m surprised that you are still alive! It is very clear that cigar smoke is way worse, about forty times, than cigarette smoke. Cigars don’t burn nearly as hot as cigarettes and they are also not filtered, so their smoke is certainly not the greatest thing for your lungs.

I have also heard that smoking cigars can cause you to get stomach or throat cancer because the tobacco ends up in your saliva while you are smoking. I don’t know about you guys, but when I smoke, I spit. Sorry about the crudeness, but there’s just no other way to say it. I love the taste of a good smoke, but I am not anxious to swallow while I’m smoking. Am I alone on that island? Anyway, I am just not convinced that, unless you smoke four or five cigars a day, that you are taking in enough smoke or tobacco to cause any sort of physical harm to yourself.

Question; is anybody out there addicted to cigars? I don’t mean addicted like you love to smoke them. I mean addicted like you will get the shakes if you don’t smoke for a while. I, personally, have never heard of someone getting addicted to cigars. Obviously, their cousin, the cigarette, is highly addictive. But that is in no way true about cigars!

So in review, cigar smoke does not get inhaled, it is not addictive, and cigars are not smoked nearly as often as cigarettes. So will you haters out there quit comparing the two!?Cigars may not be as healthy as carrots, but I am making the case that they are not damaging to your health at all. They are certainly not nearly as bad for you as the cigarettes that the haters compare with cigars.

So here is what I need from my fellow smokers, help a brother out! Let me know what you guys think or know about cigars and how they affect your health. Does anybody know anyone who has ever gotten a disease or illness that was directly related to cigar smoking? We need to silence the haters, and one of the best ways to do that is to ruin their argument about how unhealthy cigar smoking is! Talk to me


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