Cigar Review of Montecristo White Label

Montecristo, perhaps the most renowned cigar brand ever made is on the review chopping block at .  Some cigar enthusiasts hate them, and the hype built around the brand, and some embrace them and love the brand and all that it stands for.  Originally from Cuba, eventually Montecristo opted to transplant some of their Cuban seeds to the Domincan Republic in order to continue to sell to the United States as many other cigar manufacturers did at that time.  Perhaps the greatest aspect of the Montecristo brand, is the consistency they’ve managed to keep in regards to their brand identity and quality.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Connecticut/Ecuadorian Shade grown

Size: 7.0″ x 54 Churchill

Lighting and Construction: The Montecristo White Label was absolutely beautiful, sporting a silky smooth wrapper and a sheen that glares off of any form of ambient light.  Opting to use a torch lighter, the Montecristo was easily lit and smoke gasped out from the end with the easiest of draws.  The wrapper was rolled tightly, and the cigar was firm but not hard, with a slight amount of give if enough pressure was given when between the fingers.

1st 1/3: The initial third was extremely smooth and mellow, with an amazing airiness and light feeling to it. The White Labeled Churchill tasted of wood, with a lightly gray colored ash.  The clouds of smoke were easily made by one of the easiest draws I’ve encountered yet.  With a 7″ length, this cigar requires time to smoke, and this leads to a relaxation that will be desired months after smoking.

2nd 1/3: As I entered my second third, the draw began to tighten up, but still remained pleasant and easy.  The cigar remained airy and smooth, while the complexity of the cigar began to intensify.  Light pepper and cream, accompanied by a delicious milky aftertaste began to linger after every draw.  The burn remained very even, and required zero adjustments, making this relaxing cigar ever the more so.

Final 1/3: The burn continued to remain even and slow, while the final third exposed hints of more wood and ash.  The cigar became slightly more full towards the band. Despite the full flavored strength that was  increasing, the cigar never drifted far from its amazing mellowness.  The finish was mild and smooth with a balance that was remarkable and perfectly predictable.

Conclusion:.  Setting aside from the hype of the legendary brand, I attempted to smoke this cigar with an open mind and not let the reputation taint my opinion prior to actually experiencing it.  The Montecristo White, is a mouthwatering cigar that is deliciously smooth and creamy.  The construction is on point, and one should expect no less from a household name and price point that reflects that famous name.  This being said, I am a true fan of Connecticut wrappers, and I realize that not all of you are.  However, I extremely encourage you to give this cigar a chance and I believe you will not be disappointed.  If you do decide to enjoy one of these, I may encourage you to try a Rothschild first, as the 5.0″x52 size may be a more enjoyable and faster smoke then the Churchill I reviewed.

Lastly, please let me know if you’ve smoked this, I would really enjoy knowing your thoughts on the Montecristo White!  Habano BarCafe  954-926-2006


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