Habano BarCafe Sells Electronic Cigarettes

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Here’s the review:

Cloud 9 electronic cigarettes are perhaps one of the most economical e-cig brands in the market today. The smokeless cigarette brand offers the three piece and two piece design in their electronic cigarettes. They offer a variety of US made and imported electronic cigarette cartridges from other countries. They have their own unique e-liquid called the Elixir, which can be purchased to refill empty cartridges. This is a great offer for those who love to make big savings as this allows you to control your smoking. The e-liquid is sold in 30ml bottles. The smokeless cigarette brand also sells empty cartridges to their customers.

The e-cig brand recently came up with the new two piece design e-cigarette, the CL9_502 which replaces the three piece design e-cig CL9_501. The company instead of entirely doing away with the three piece design electronic cigarette, they are now producing cartomizers for the e-cigarette. This is because most customers love the ease of use that cartomizers offer. The also produce a special cartridge in the extended American smoke juice e-cig that is slightly longer that the standard size. This cartridge is special as it lasts twice as long and produces twice the amount of vapor that a standard cartridge does.

Cloud 9 electronic cigarette offers a low cost starter kit for their customers which is also a great option for smokers who want to try out electronic cigarettes for the first time without the cost of buying multiple batteries. There are six different flavors to choose from for the American made cartridges or the imported. The imported cartridges are very cheap making them affordable for anyone. The flavors include menthol, chocolate, cherry, tobacco, vanilla and strawberry. The four nicotine levels are 24mg, 18mg, 11mg and 0mg depending on your smoking level.

Cloud 9 electronic cigarettes provide 30 day money back guarantee which in case a customer is not satisfied with their products, a ‘return for refund’ is done within the first 30 days. Their electronic cigarette comes with a full six month warranty and a 90 day warranty on their atomizers. The cartomizers from the brand are an equivalent of one pack of traditional cigarettes. Their rechargeable lithium batteries last for about 100 puffs before another recharge is required. The brand delivers value in their products combined with affordability as a sure alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.



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