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Ways To Find The Best Cigars

The top 5 ways to select the right cigar is to decide upon a price range, explore the choices in the range, pick up a handful of mixed cigars, puff each one of them to discover the best stick and lastly the source:

Cigars are trendy to look at as well as classy to take a puff from. They go best with a peg of whisky and can be mostly seen in social gatherings. All in all cigars and special occasions go hand in hand and cigar smokers puff on their favorite sticks to make the best of their leisure time. But these days most cigars carry a high price tag and inexperienced smokers end up paying for a smoke that they do not enjoy. In order to prevent such a blunder from happening while selecting a cigar, it is advisable to go through a few cigar related articles like this one and get some tips on finding the best cigars.

Not all best cigars are highly priced!

Cigars belong to a list of some of the finest pleasures in life for men and women alike. Those who want to delight their senses with a fine cigar must select their first stogie carefully. Following the selection of the first smoke, they should continue to carefully select their cigars every single time as well as try and stick to a few brands. It is advisable to select a cigar in the price range of $5-$8 if one does not want to spend too much. There is a wide range of flavors, brands and makes to choose from in this price range and some of them are delicious smokes. Gradually one can increase their budget once they get a hang of the tastes in this range and have decided upon a few favorite brands.

Deciding upon the strength of the cigar is vital.

Most cigar communities advise new bees to stick to mild sticks. But those who enjoy a strong coffee or are avid cigarette smokers can try medium to full bodied cigars. There are chances that they might fall in love with the aftertaste and stick to these flavors for life! On the other hand, such people might find a mild cigar tasteless. In case one feels like experimenting a little, they can pick up a handful of different sticks that are mild, medium and full bodied. A puff from each one starting out with the mild and moving on to the medium and lastly to the full bodied smoke will help a smoker decide which flavor they like the most.

How to find a good cigar store that deals in best quality cigars?

After deciding upon the flavor and make, the last job is to locate a store for a regular supply of the favorite brand that one wants to stick to. There are several online cigar shopping portals that deal in all the cigars made across the globe. These portals allow buyers to order for cigar sampler packs as well as buy packs of 10 to several hundreds of cigars of their interest. Most importantly these stores give hefty discounts as cigars are pricey and cost a lot at brick and mortar shops.

Lastly a cigar aficionado will for sure lay hands upon cigars in the best quality as these shopping portals store their cigars in appropriate conditions within humidors unlike gas stations and convenience stores. Thus selecting the best cigar is not a tough task. All one needs to do is locate the best store, select the best brand, discover a taste and enjoy their stogie for life.